Get Ready for Adventure with Official Stranger Things Jackets

Stranger Things is one of those few series that has managed to reap 8 out of 10 rotten tomatoes from the critics. The plot is full of adventures, that revolves around a strange girl with uncommon powers and a group of her friends, experimenting with distinguished situations they encounter.

Apart from the interesting storyline, it was well-aligned apparel that contributed to the show’s huge success. According to the show’s costume designers: Kimberly Adams and Malgosia Turzanska, they wanted the outfits to reflect the inner personalities of characters at their best. And they precisely succeeded.

So are you one of the stranger things fans who want to embrace the lifestyle of your favorite character into your daily life? Well, your search is over as the content discussed will unleash some of the best stranger things jackets for all of you adventure enthusiasts out there.

Let’s begin

Top 4 Stranger Things Jacket to Resemble Your Favorite Characters

We will be discussing each apparel followed by the other to rest assure the convey of in-depth information.

1. Nancy Wheeler’s distinguished Sherpa Jacket

Played by Natalia Dyer, Nancy Wheeler is the first and foremost character shown. She is an aspiring journalist and the older sister of Mike Wheeler. The character is shown to be a matured girl with a bright and clear mind. She wore a uniquely designed red jacket in the show that grabbed the audience’s attention for good.

The jacket features a tone between red to brown, whereas the fabric used is premium quality sherpa. Other noteworthy features include the red fur lining, front buttoned closure, and minor detailing such as pockets and sewing marks.

Wear it over a blue over blue jeans, and a blue sweater with a chequered shirt underneath to exactly replicate the girl’s look.

2. Steeve Scoop’s Stunning Look

Steeve Scoop is another amazing character in the show who has hooked the audience with his skillful acting. He is the only character that is promoted to the main cast from a recurring position- all thanks to Steve Harrington’s portrayal skills.

He wore an elegant varsity jacket in the show consisting of 100% pure cotton. The vibrant blue and bright red color has multiple white stripes as well which makes the body look asymmetrical and attractive. And that red bow at the front is nothing less than icing on the cake.

3. Max Mayfield’s Distinguished Look

Sadie Sink is the face behind the famed Max Field’s character. The girl is shown to be immensely popular among the audience as the main lead. And the same is why the 4th season solely revolved around her. One of the easiest ways for Max’s fans to reflect her personality is by endorsing the beautiful Max Mayfield red jacket.

It features a plain red base with two white stripes on the sleeves as well as on the zipper closure. In addition, the turn-down collars and pockets take the jacket’s functionality up to the next level.

To fully align your personality with Max, wear it over blue jeans and sneakers. You can wear anything beneath the jacket as it won’t get shown off.

4. The Signature Sinclair red jacket of Lucas

Last but not least, Lucas is another character that has captured the audience’s hearts from all across the globe. He is one of the significant characters of Netflix’s famous horror show known for his skillful acting. Being the boyfriend of Max Mayfield and elder brother of Erica Sinclair, Lucas wore some eye-catching apparel such as his signature bright red jacket.

The outer shell is composed of cotton fabric with a soft viscose lining, providing enhanced comfort to the skin. Dress it up over a blue-colored high-neck top. Nevertheless, keep the front open to showcase the inner and you are all ready to resemble your favorite character from the show.


On the bottom line, Stranger Things is a show not confined to any introduction. With its twisted plot and skillful cast, it has convinced fans from all over the world to dress similarly.
And if you are also a part of that large pool of people searching for some accurate apparel, this content is no less than a blessing for you. The information above discusses 4 strangers who adventures jackets to try out.

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